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NYDP 1986 is a proceeding brand in Sri Lanka, which was launched in the year 2008, with the target of providing Sri Lankans the benefit of accessing export quality apparel at good rates. Our main objective is to provide high-quality kids’ clothing brand as well as adults’ apparels in the island. NYDP 1986 is made to feel trendy and authentic just like you.

We started our journey in 1986 with a few numbers of employees and grew up while working as subcontractors of major apparel exporters to European countries. We also export apparel directly through European and Middle Eastern buyers.

Garments are still manufactured and distributed to reputable apparel outlets in Sri Lanka, under the NYDP 1986 brand as well as other brands. Staying at the forefront of manufacturing, NYDP 1986 sells products that are accessible to all, with a focus on both fit and comfort. All garments are manufactured in Sri Lanka at our own production facilities laid out for export production.

NYDP 1986 Kids is a result of our more than 30-years long expertise in the apparel industry. Our apparels make the child comfortable, happier and dazzling.

We exercise meticulous attention to detail throughout the kids clothes manufacturing process to ensure our products meet the best quality standards. With costumes made from children’s favorite colours and styles that suit them, NYDP 1986 is one of a kind in Sri Lanka. 

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